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PUBG Mobile: How to Know if Someone is Cheating / Using Hacks

PUBG Mobile: How to Know if Someone is Cheating / Using Hacks

PUBG Mobile is a dynamic and competitive battle royale game that brings players from all over the world into adrenaline-pumping matches. However, the thrill of the game can sometimes be tainted by the presence of cheaters. Identifying cheating in PUBG Mobile is crucial for maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming environment. In this in-depth blog post, we’ll delve into the signs that a player might be cheating in PUBG Mobile, providing you with the knowledge to spot suspicious behavior and take action.

The Impact of Cheating on PUBG Mobile

Cheating in any online game can be disheartening, and PUBG Mobile is no exception. Cheaters undermine the integrity of the competition, ruin the experience for honest players, and erode the sense of accomplishment that comes from fair victories. It’s essential to understand the consequences of cheating and the importance of maintaining a level playing field.

Signs that a Player is Cheating in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile: How to Know if Someone is Cheating / Using Hacks

Recognizing the signs that a player might be cheating in PUBG Mobile is essential for maintaining the integrity of the game. Cheaters disrupt the experience for honest players, and their actions can be frustrating and demoralizing. By understanding the following signs, you’ll be better equipped to identify suspicious behavior and take appropriate action:

a. Unrealistic Accuracy:

– Cheaters may exhibit an unnaturally high level of accuracy, consistently landing headshots or hitting moving targets with improbable precision.

– Their aiming appears flawless, even in challenging scenarios or at long distances, raising suspicions that they’re using external aids to enhance their shooting.

b. Inhuman Reaction Times:

– A player who instantly locks onto targets with lightning-fast reactions, showing no delay in responding to enemy movements, may be using cheat software.

– Their ability to react and eliminate opponents without the typical human delay raises a red flag and suggests the use of aimbots or other cheating tools.

c. Excessive Kills:

– While skilled players can achieve impressive kill counts, an unusually high number of kills in a short timeframe might indicate cheating.

– Look for players consistently dominating matches by accumulating kills much faster than seems reasonable, especially if their gameplay doesn’t align with their skill level.

d. Through-Walls Aiming:

– If you notice a player consistently shooting through walls, objects, or terrain, it’s a strong indication of wallhacks, cheats that reveal the positions of opponents regardless of obstacles.

– They might be hitting targets that should be obscured, suggesting they’re using cheats to gain an unfair advantage by knowing enemy locations at all times.

e. Teleportation:

– A player suddenly moving from one location to another in an unrealistic manner, seemingly bypassing normal travel routes, may be exploiting game mechanics or using third-party software.

– This suspicious movement can be an indicator of cheating, as teleportation cheats allow players to reposition rapidly without following the game’s rules.

f. No Recoil:

– Weapons with no noticeable recoil, even during rapid firing, can indicate the use of scripts or cheats to eliminate the recoil effect.

– If a player’s shots seem unusually steady, particularly when using weapons with significant recoil, it raises concerns about the legitimacy of their gameplay.

By being vigilant and aware of these signs, you can help maintain a fair and enjoyable environment in PUBG Mobile. If you come across a player exhibiting such behavior, it’s essential to report them to PUBG Mobile’s appropriate channels to ensure that cheating is addressed promptly.

Understanding Common Cheating Techniques in PUBG Mobile

In the world of online gaming, some players resort to using cheating techniques to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents. PUBG Mobile is no exception, and understanding these common cheating methods is essential for players who want to help maintain fair gameplay and report suspected cheaters. Let’s explore some of the most prevalent cheating techniques that unscrupulous players may employ:

a. Aimbots:

What they do: Aimbots are perhaps one of the most infamous cheating tools. They automatically aim at opponents, giving cheaters pinpoint accuracy without requiring manual aiming.

How they work: Once activated, aimbots identify enemy players’ positions, often through walls or obstacles, and automatically adjust the cheater’s crosshair to guarantee hits, frequently resulting in headshots.

Signs to watch for: A player who consistently lands headshots on moving targets with unnatural precision, especially from long distances, is likely using an aimbot.

b. Wallhacks:

What they do: Wallhacks (or ESP hacks) are cheats that reveal player positions through walls, terrain, or other obstacles, granting cheaters an unfair advantage in spotting and ambushing opponents.

How they work: Wallhacks highlight enemy player models or display their positions on the cheater’s screen, even when they should be hidden from view, making it easier to anticipate movements and plan attacks.

Signs to watch for: A player who consistently seems to know the exact location of opponents, even when they should be out of sight, may be using a wallhack.

c. Speed Hacks:

What they do: Speed hacks allow cheaters to move faster than normal gameplay mechanics allow, giving them an edge in covering ground, escaping danger, or ambushing enemies.

How they work: These cheats alter the movement speed of the cheating player, enabling them to travel long distances in a short time or escape potentially lethal situations more quickly than regular players can.

Signs to watch for: A player who moves at an abnormally high speed, particularly if they’re covering significant distances in a short time, might be using a speed hack.

d. Teleportation Exploits:

What they do: Teleportation exploits grant cheaters the ability to move instantaneously from one location to another, allowing them to reposition rapidly or escape danger without adhering to normal travel routes.

How they work: Cheaters exploit game vulnerabilities to manipulate their in-game position, causing their character to appear in a new location almost instantly, giving them a tactical advantage.

Signs to watch for: A player who suddenly appears in an unexpected location, seemingly bypassing natural travel paths, may be using a teleportation exploit.

e. No Recoil Scripts:

What they do: No recoil scripts eliminate weapon recoil, providing the cheating player with a significant advantage in maintaining precise aim during rapid firing.

How they work: These scripts counteract the natural upward movement of weapons during sustained fire, making it easier for the cheater to land successive shots without the need to control recoil manually.

Signs to watch for: A player who consistently fires their weapon with minimal to no recoil, even when using weapons known for significant recoil, may be using a no recoil script.

By familiarizing yourself with these common cheating techniques, you can be better prepared to identify suspicious behavior in PUBG Mobile and take appropriate action, such as reporting suspected cheaters to ensure the fair play and integrity of the game. Remember, reporting is crucial to maintaining a positive gaming environment for all players.

How to Report Suspected Cheaters / Hackers in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile: How to Know if Someone is Cheating / Using Hacks

Reporting suspected cheaters is a critical step in maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming environment in PUBG Mobile. When you encounter a player who exhibits signs of cheating, it’s essential to take action and report them through the appropriate channels. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to report suspected cheaters effectively:

a. In-Game Reporting:

Here’s how you can report a PUBG Mobile cheater through the in-game reporting feature. Follow the steps given below.

1. Finish the Match: Play the match until it ends, or until you’re eliminated if the suspected cheater is in the same match.

2. Wait for Match Results: After the match concludes, stay in the post-match screen, where you can view match results and player information.

3. Report the Player: Locate the player’s name in the match results. Next to their name, there should be a “Report” button or an option with a similar label.

4. Choose the Appropriate Category: Select the category that best describes the issue. For reporting suspected cheating, the category may be labeled “Cheating/Hacking” or something similar.

5. Provide Additional Information: Some reporting systems may allow you to provide additional details or comments about the suspected cheater. Use this opportunity to describe the specific behavior you observed that led you to believe they were cheating.

b. Reporting through Customer Support:

Here’s how you can report a PUBG Mobile cheater through the help of external sources. Follow the steps given below.

1. Visit the Official Website: Go to the official PUBG Mobile website ( using your preferred web browser.

2. Find the Support or Customer Service Section: Look for a section of the website dedicated to customer support, frequently labeled “Support,” “Customer Service,” or something similar.

3. Access the Reporting Option: Within the customer support section, locate the option to report a player or submit a ticket. This might be labeled as “Report a Player” or similar.

4. Provide Detailed Information: Fill out the reporting form with as much detail as possible. Include the suspected cheater’s in-game name, the server or region where the incident occurred, the type of cheating you observed (aimbot, wallhack, etc.), and any additional evidence you may have (screenshots, video clips, etc.).

5. Submit the Report: Once you’ve provided all the necessary information, submit the report. Be sure to double-check the accuracy of the details you’ve entered.

Tips for Effective Reporting in PUBGM

To make sure that your report does not goes to waste, you need to be more elaborative with your appeal. You must keep in mind the below points before reporting any suspected cheater in PUBGM and get the cheater penalized.

– Accuracy: Ensure that you have the correct in-game name of the suspected cheater, the server or region where you encountered them, and a clear description of the behavior that raised suspicions.

– Evidence: Whenever possible, include evidence to support your report. Screenshots, video clips, or even a brief description of the suspicious behavior can strengthen your case.

– Be Respectful: Keep your report concise and respectful. Focus on the behavior you observed without making personal attacks or using offensive language.

By reporting suspected cheaters through in-game mechanisms or customer support, you play a crucial role in helping PUBG Mobile’s developers identify and address cheating. Your efforts contribute to creating a more enjoyable gaming experience for everyone and maintaining the integrity of the game. Remember, responsible reporting is vital for ensuring fair play and a positive community.

PUBG Mobile’s Anti-Cheat Measures

PUBG Mobile takes cheating seriously and has implemented various anti-cheat measures to detect and prevent unfair gameplay. The developers are committed to ensuring that the game remains a fair and enjoyable experience for all players. Let’s explore the key elements of PUBG Mobile’s anti-cheat efforts:

a. In-Game Reporting System:

PUBG Mobile provides an in-game reporting system that allows players to report suspected cheaters directly from the match results screen. This feature empowers players to take immediate action when they encounter suspicious behavior. By reporting through this system, players contribute to the early detection and mitigation of cheating.

b. Advanced Algorithms:

PUBG Mobile employs sophisticated algorithms to detect and identify players who may be using cheat software or engaging in unfair practices. These algorithms continuously analyze gameplay data, looking for patterns that suggest cheating. Unusual accuracy, rapid reactions, and other abnormal behavior trigger alerts, prompting further investigation.

c. Regular Updates and Security Measures:

PUBG Mobile’s development team regularly updates the game to address new cheating methods and vulnerabilities. These updates help close potential loopholes that cheaters may exploit to gain an unfair advantage. Security measures are put in place to safeguard the game’s integrity and ensure that cheaters face consequences for their actions.

d. Bans and Penalties:

When cheating is confirmed, PUBG Mobile takes decisive action by banning cheaters from the game. These bans can range from temporary suspensions to permanent removal from the PUBG Mobile community. By imposing these penalties, the game’s developers send a clear message that cheating will not be tolerated.

e. Fair Play Promotions:

PUBG Mobile actively promotes fair play within the community. Through educational initiatives, social media campaigns, and player engagement, the game’s developers encourage players to uphold the principles of honesty, sportsmanship, and respectful competition. By fostering a culture of fair play, PUBG Mobile aims to create a positive gaming environment.

f. Community Involvement:

PUBG Mobile values the input of its player community in identifying and reporting suspected cheaters. By reporting such incidents, players play an essential role in maintaining a healthy gaming ecosystem. The community’s vigilance, along with the support of PUBG Mobile’s anti-cheat efforts, contributes to a more enjoyable experience for all players.

It’s important to understand that while PUBG Mobile’s anti-cheat measures are robust, new cheating methods may emerge, requiring ongoing vigilance and cooperation from the player base. By staying informed about anti-cheat efforts and reporting suspected cheaters, players actively contribute to preserving the integrity of PUBG Mobile and ensuring fair competition for all participants.

Promoting Fair Play and a Positive Community

PUBG Mobile: How to Know if Someone is Cheating / Using Hacks

As responsible players, it’s essential to support a positive gaming environment by reporting cheaters and encouraging fair play. By working together, we can help ensure that PUBG Mobile remains an enjoyable experience for everyone.


Spotting cheaters in PUBG Mobile requires vigilance and a commitment to maintaining fair competition. By understanding the signs of cheating, knowing how to report suspicious players, and supporting the game’s anti-cheat measures, we can contribute to a community where honesty and sportsmanship prevail. Let’s stand together against cheaters and keep the battleground of PUBG Mobile a fair and exciting place for all players.

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